Ultimate List of Best Email Finder Tools

Email finder is an automated tool to find email addresses from various platforms. Nowadays Every marketer out there is searching for ‘Email finder ‘ to grow their email marketing. After all, it is very important and helpful because the bigger your email list is, the more revenue you are likely to generate for your business. Like me and you everyone, at some point in time would have tried to email a long lost friend or an investor or even a CEO, etc. But it is common trouble faced by everyone when it comes to searching an email address. So, here are some break down to find an email address.

Free email address finder software tools you can use to find an email address

If ‎you have faced this situation when you know who you want to contact but could not find their email address then don’t worry, today this post will help you discover some of the best email finder tools present on the internet.


This email finder extension helps you to find the e-mail address of almost anyone on the web. It compiled data from multiple sources and it provides verified data as well.


It is one of the popular email finder chrome extension for its accuracy of data. It combines with many other applications and it also provides 50 free searches per month. ‎When you visit a website, simply click on the hunter’s chrome plugin and you will provide lists of email addresses associated with the website. ‎Their packages start from $39 per month.


‎It is one of the best-reviewed email finder extensions to find any corporate email addresses in less time. ‎It uses advanced tracking tools to find email addresses and contact details. It will add a search button and search pages like Buzzsumo, Crunchbase, Angel.co, etc . ‎This email chrome extension comes with 50 free trials for initial days.
The pricing starts from $49 for 1000 leads per month.


This free email finder chrome extension find emails and export them in .txt file in minutes. Emaildrop ‘s advanced software identifies and scrutinized the information and displays them in the popup. You can also download bulk email addresses in this email finder chrome extension.


‎This email finder chrome extension is the best way to find email addresses from LinkedIn,  Twitter, and other popular websites. ‎Its advanced algorithm verifies email in seconds.  ‎
It comes with free 50 monthly credits for beginners and the actual pricing starts from $49 for 5000 monthly credits for a month.


This email finder chrome extension finds email addresses from Linkedin, Twitter, AngelList, and other websites. Alore claims of proving 97% accurate email addresses and reach nearly 500 million professionals within a minute. 
‎If you want to find email addresses in bulk there are many available on the internet.


 ‎The best bulk-free email finder tool on the internet is Aeroleads. It’s advanced software used by all b2b business types irrespective of their size.

 ‎Important features of Aero leads –

  1.  ‎It collects user data in real-time.
  2.  You can easily find email addresses in bulk.

 ‎Though it is a chrome plugin it pulls data from social networking sites and provides phone numbers, email addresses, and also social media profiles.  Once you identified your data you can export or transfer it to their CRM software. 

‎PRICING – ‎It offers a free trial for new users. The pricing starts from $49 for 1000 records and $499 for 15000 records per month.  You also can customized packages according to your need.

Clear Bit

‎Clearbit is a powerful bulk email address finder that will provide an email address,  contact details,  name, location, etc. You just have to search for your prospect and company,  and you will receive respective email addresses in your  Gmail account. 
It combines tools such as Salesforce,  Marketo, Slack,  segment, and connect. They have packages for everyone whether you have a big company or you are an individual. 

PRICING -They have a free trial for 50 credits. Then it starts at $199 and pricing up to $999 per month. 


These email finder tools are the best way to find email addresses and make connections to promote or increase your business. The best part is that they don’t require much time and effort. 
So,  which one you think the best for you?

Nancy Kapoor

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