It is said that words should be chosen very carefully as they can either have a positive impact or a negative impact.  Content is very important as it is transparent and is easily available. This content has the power to defame and to glorify, it solely depends on the writer how he chooses to depict the information.  Content is a marketing tool used by every business owner in order to create a positive image, however similarly the competitors can also use content in the same way in order to cause a negative impact in the market.

We take the issue of privacy of the users and members very seriously below are some points to curb the invasion of privacy and the confidential details of the users and the members who are associated with us

Customer and Membership Information

Everyone has the right to privacy, so the basic information and all the contact information of the members and users associated with us will be kept confidential. The database containing login data such as passwords and security questions will be kept secure and in no way breached. This information will strictly be used for website related purposes and it will not be disclosed to any third party or renting.

User/Member/Client Communications:

Any communication between the user and the members will be strictly secured and only used for the services rendered. Abusing, stalking or posting rude and insulting information for any user is not acceptable.

Confidential Obligations:

The member should not communicate or disclose any information, content, or any communication with other parties or business owners keeping in mind to not violate the confidentiality agreement which they agree upon when they become a member. Posting or giving out facts or sensitive information regarding WhatisOP is a violation of the terms and conditions agreed upon at inception of the membership.