The quest for knowledge is satisfied only when the seeker finds the information he is searching for. An article is exactly what the seeker is looking for regarding the subject matter that there are searching for. 

This is where an article comes in, which consists of all the relevant data that the seeker is looking for, an article should have covered all the aspects and the crucial points that the seeker wants. But sometimes when the writes prepare the content, they often end up writing the article with the marketing and promotional point of view, which is not acceptable. An article, therefore and ends up becoming a marketing tool rather than an educative and enlightening piece.

Below are some crucial pointers to keep in mind while writing an article.              

  • The person who is writing the article should be very well versed with the subject matter of the content, writing an article without proper research and with false information is unethical and unprofessional.
  • The article length is also important as it is advisable that the article should contain 1000 words as this will be helpful in covering all the points and making the reader understand regarding the subject matter of the article in details
  • Another important factor to cover while writing an article to make sure that there is no room for error such as spelling mistakes, sentence formation and grammatical errors. Always proofread the written content to curb this important factor…
  • It is always advisable to gather all the facts and figures thorough research and also see to it that the article content is not violating any one’s privacy.
  • A minor negative mistake can cause a negative impact irrespective of the consequences of the error. The article that is to be submitted should be free of any grammatical and spelling mistakes there should. The content should be perfect 
  • When writing an article it should not consist of any malicious content. Any information that hurts or is written in to defame, insult is not acceptable, the content that needs to be should. Similarly if any article contains adult content and gambling related content the it is not acceptable.
  • No one likes to read long paragraphs as content, It is better to keep the article in proper pointers and informative so that the end user does not lose interest and also they find exactly what they are looking for
  • Always provide a reference to the written article is it will help the customer to understand certain aspects but also keep in mind that there are not more than two reference links. Also, these results. Reference links should not lead to marketing or promoting intent and also we do not promote affiliate links and advise the content writers not to include it in the article.
  • The article can consist of various analytical data as well, be it graphs, pie charts, or some information from survey conducted previously. but this information should be sourced from credible, reliable and acclaimed platforms or publishers
  • Feature an image relating to the article which helps better understand the aim and the main purpose of the article. Also this image can be very useful in helping to gain assistance for better client exposure. The old school technique of just text content is out of date now. The resolution of this image 750 * 450
  • The most common problem faced is the document type, due to technicalities there are some document types which are not supported, and the file appears to be damaged or it is unable to open, the preventive measure for this is to submit or send the content file in the .doc or .docx format. 

Categories of Articles.

There are two categories of articles Free Article and Paid Article /Sponsored Article. And the rules and the norms mentioned above remain the same for both categories of articles.

The free articles are the ones that will be liable to be published free of cost and without having to pay anything. Share free article at

The paid/sponsorship articles are the ones for which appropriate charges according to the company policy are applied. In the paid or sponsored article marketing or promotional content is also acceptable. Share your sponsored article at

And last but not least, the author of the article should provide 

  • Author Name ( The author should be a legitimate person having his own identity on social media.
  • Product/Company name as an author will not be accepted. )
  • Email Id (Valid e-mail id of the author)
  • Author Headshot (Real image of the author, other pictures will not be accepted)
  • Author Bio (Minimum 150 words required)
  • Author’s Social Media Links (Linked, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)