Top 5 Powerful, Fast and Efficient Kiosk Survey Software System in 2020

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When you want to grow your business, you have to provide your customers with a great Customer Experience. For this, you need to capture Customer Feedback to know real customer insights. Customer Feedback is captured through different survey channels viz. email, SMS, online and offline survey. Well, feedback is effectively collected via these channels, but it is collected when the customers have left your workplace.

For instance, you are running a retail store. Have you thought how advantageous it would be to capture real-time feedback when the customer is actually at your store rather than afterward seeking the customers through different channels to obtain feedback?

No, we are not talking about physically approaching the customer. There is yet another way of capturing real-time feedback which is getting popular these days because of its superb advantages. This is the way of gathering feedback through Kiosk Surveys.

Kiosk Surveys

Kiosk Survey is simply running a survey in kiosk mode. A survey is basically run on an iPad or a tablet, placed on a kiosk frame at a dedicated kiosk placed at a common touchpoint where the customers can easily take the survey.

The kiosk mode survey enables the questionnaire to automatically restart after a respondent finishes a survey or the survey is partially answered and is untouched for a while.

With the ready availability at your workplace, the kiosk survey not only helps to increase the response rate but also enhances the accuracy of the survey answers because the customers’ experience is fresh which they are able to describe more accurately.

For creating a kiosk survey, a Kiosk Survey Software is a prerequisite. In the growing market of survey tools, you need to select the one which is most useful and appropriate for your business and most importantly which allows you to run kiosk surveys.

The app or software you choose should provide you brilliant features. It should enable you to create customized surveys with your brand logo on the survey screen. Moreover, it must enable you to run the surveys without an internet connection.

Let us review some of the best Kiosk Survey Software available these days in the market that can fulfill your requirements with their great features.

5 Best Kiosk Survey Software

  • Zonka Feedback
  • QuickTab Survey
  • SurveyLegend
  • TabSurvey
  • SnapSurveys

Let us review how these top Kiosk Survey Software caters to your needs and help you collect Customer Feedback with an increased response rate with high accuracy.

1. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is one of the most powerful Customers Feedback Software and Survey App that enables you to collect real-time feedback from customers, employees, and patients, and get detailed actionable reports.

With the help of Zonka’s Kiosk Survey App, you can turn your Android tablets and iPads as Offline and unattended kiosks in order to capture real-time Customer Feedback without any assistance. You just simply need to turn on the Kiosk Mode while creating the survey.

Let’s review its superb features which serve your purpose:

  • Zonka Feedback helps you to white label your surveys. It helps to create customized surveys that represent your brand while the customers take the survey.
  • Zonka Kiosk survey does not allow the customers to exit without a password or pin. This ensures the security of the data and avoids misleading survey results.
  • It has the feature of auto-restart after one customer has completed his survey so that the kiosk is ready to capture the feedback of more customers.
  • If someone abandons the survey, it auto-resets. Manual intervention is not needed if someone abandons or leaves the survey in between. It will automatically reset if it is untouched for a while.
  • It helps to obtain feedback without even an internet connection in offline mode. If your business is in an area with low internet connectivity, no need to worry about it. Zonka Feedback will keep on capturing feedback uninterruptedly, will save data for weeks and will sync all the data automatically as soon as it gets connected to the internet.
  • It helps to create multilingual surveys i.e. surveys in multiple languages for the different customer bases. Customers can choose the language of their choice among 35+ languages for survey translations.
  • Zonka Feedback helps to track customer satisfaction and loyalty through metrics like NPS, CSAT, and CES. It provides you detailed quantitative reports.
  • It has 30+ questions types and emoticons. You can pick among scales, emotions, dropdowns, comment boxes and much more!

2. QuickTab Survey

QuickTab Survey is another powerful iPad and Android Kiosk Survey App through which you can easily transform your Apple or Android tablet into an interactive data collection kiosk.

This software not only facilitates intuitive data collection but also provides you other features like email alerts, signature capturing and reporting. Let’s review its features which make it a good Kiosk Survey software.

  • QuickTab Survey software facilitates offline kiosk data collection. You don’t need to worry if someday you are facing connectivity issues. You can keep collecting info with your kiosk, even when you are offline. All data will remain stored till you don’t reconnect to the web and will get synced when connected.
  • It has 35+question types to easily capture in-person data with a variety of special field types, including email capture, photo capture, website URLs, and much more.
  • It helps you to create beautifully branded surveys that only display one question at a time for fast and easy use. You can add your logo, tweak colors and upload custom background images.
  • It enables you to easily track the uptime and performance of all your active kiosks devices at the same time. You will get instant notifications if the kiosk stops working.
  • It provides you the feature of signature capturing through which you can easily collect signatures directly with on your tablet with the help of the Android and Kiosk survey app.

3. SurveyLegend

SurveyLegend is another good tool that helps to capture Customer Feedback through a kiosk survey. The kiosk mode of this software is very useful when you run a survey on your business premises.

The software offers a variety of questions to create your surveys and helps you create customized and multilingual surveys. Let’s review its helpful features for kiosk surveys.

  • SurveyLegend helps you to easily create surveys by its easy drag and drop operations.
  • It helps you to easily create a survey that supports multiple languages. In this way, you can reach a wider audience and get an insight into how each group responds to your multilingual surveys.
  • It helps you to easily and quickly create duplicate surveys. You can reuse a survey by creating an identical copy (which does not have any data) of the survey in just one click.
  • It helps you to white-label your surveys by easily uploading your brand logo and custom backgrounds and remove the standard watermarks of the software.
  • It enables you to do question customization by providing you a wide variety of types and fields. You can choose text box, number box, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down, etc. You can also use the Likert scale, emojis, star rating, etc. as options.

4. TabSurvey

TabSurvey is also a good Customer Feedback Software which you can run on a kiosk mode. This Kiosk Survey Software is very simple to use and provides your customers with great and fast survey experience.

Let’s review how its features help you to simply create your kiosk surveys and quickly collect feedback data from the customers.

  • TabSurvey enables you to easily change your surveys and send the new survey to the iPad Kiosk in seconds. The publish function enables you to update your survey from your desk.
  • TabSurvey facilitates the safe storage of data in the cloud. It uses one of the world’s leading hosting partners to ensure that your data is safe.
  • TabSurvey is also very simple to use. You can quickly create a survey within minutes.
  • It provides offline support as it works without the internet. So, if your workplace lies in a location with bad internet connectivity, no need to worry. This kiosk survey app is there for your support and syncs the answer whenever it gets connectivity.
  • It enables you to browse useful customer feedback templates in your account, which are ready to use for your surveys.

5. SnapSurveys

SnapSurveys is a unique physical platform for data collection and analysis. It gives you the power to reach customers at home, at work or at point of experience, and capture richer data to give you greater insight.

Let’s review its features which will help you to obtain Customer Feedback effectively and fulfill your goals:

  • SnapSurveys provides you take surveys online as well as offline. It provides you the experience of uninterrupted interviewing on the kiosk survey app if the internet connection is disconnected at a certain time.
  • It provides you flexible features that help you to provide a tailored and unique survey experience to each participant.
  • It helps you to design, distribute and analyze questionnaires in multiple languages with easy translations.
  • Snap gives you complete flexibility to customize your survey and create reassuringly professional questionnaires that perfectly complement your organization’s brand.
  • It facilitates an automatic update of records. Respondent information held in your database can be inserted anywhere in the survey and can also be used to pre-answer questions.

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