What’s the Difference Between Shared vs. VPS Hosting?

The demand for websites is increasing. Every company, every business, and even the individual professionals are planning to launch the websites. The web hosting companies are busy offering various hosting packages for the growing needs of web hosting requirements.

The web hosting companies offered web hosting solutions to the customers that are based on the requirements of the websites, types of special services needed, and the list of priorities to be taken care of.

The availability of website hosting mainly depends on two options –

  • Shared hosting option and
  • VPS hosting option  

The customers have to choose the best web hosting option to launch the website.

Let us define the two most common hosting options:

Shared hosting: It talks about sharing the resources required for web hosting. It is similar to, sharing the apartment among all the members. By sharing the apartment, the entire expense can be divided among the members. It reduces the overall cost of the expense for each member.  Similarly, the shared hosting allows the server and resources to be shared among all the customers who are ready to host websites on the shared server. 

Shared hosting is very common among webmasters and it is beneficial also. The web hosting companies divide the cost of the dedicated server and the other resources useful in launching a website. This service offers low-cost hosting solutions that are cheaper and highly economical.

VPS hosting: A virtual Private Server is rather an expensive option of hiring an independent, private server to host the website and to perform other operations. It is like having a personal bungalow along with special services that are not at all shared.  VPS hosting is more expensive and flexible in terms of offering services while handling the website hosting.  The VPS network can also be shared but only among a limited set of members and having a pre-defined set of resources. 

The VPS network server is dedicated and remains stable while carrying various operations regarding uploading, downloading, and managing the website. Because of the dedicated server and special services the website doesn’t get affected.  The cost of the server remains higher.

The difference between Shared vs. VPS Hosting

Let us discuss the differences between Shared Hosting & VPS Hosting:

Shared hosting:


  • It offers various options to maintain various websites, web portals, and blogs.
  • The cost of shared hosting is cheap and economical.
  • The hosted server offers the basic functions which can easily maintain the website without requiring technical and professional assistance.


  • The shared server and the resources are commonly used by various websites.
  • It affects the performance of the server and it has a direct impact on the hosted websites and on security issues.

VPS Hosting:


  • The independent and private server allows you to configure any type of website, webpage, or blog.
  • The dedicated server offers complete control over the websites and makes sure that 100% of resources are made available.
  • The security issues can be easily managed and the latest parameters can be configured well.


  • The server administrator is needed to look after the dedicated server.
  • The services offered should run continuously and can be monitored around the clock. The server should be updated from to time according to the specific requirement.
  • The cost of a dedicated server is higher and the resources which are specialized under the VPS hosting are costly.


Both the hosting options are useful for web site hosting. The shared hosting facility is economical and it allows you to share various features and facilities at a reasonable cost.  The successful individuals and companies can slowly shift over the dedicated server and start using the VPS hosting facility which offers higher disk space, RAM, and CPU.

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