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Skid Steer Bale Spear Attachment – The Best of its Type

All that humans need is relaxation during the tasks that they carry out in their job work or at home. The software that we use now and then is built with the same goal, i.e., to reduce the pressure on humans. We have seen many new inventions done by inventors around the globe. In the list of creativity, the skid steer bale spear attachment has a unique place. But why? How come a bale spear attachment is so useful for humans? 

Handling hay bales are often a risky and onerous task. With bale spears attached with the skid steer, the controlling of the hay bales, whether round or square, becomes an easy task. It proves our point we mentioned above that inventions lead to the reduction of pressure on humans.  

If you have a large pile of hay lying on the ground, and if you are supposed to lift it, transport it, and dump it in some other location, then skid steer bale spear attachment comes handy. You need to drive your spear into the bale of hay, lift the grass with the boom arms, and carry it at your preferred location. Once reached, you can then dump the load. 

There are different types of bale spears available to select. Depending on your selection, the capacity for performing the tasks will vary. 

In addition to the round and square bales, you can also have an option to select the tine style that decides how much weight will be carried in one go. Once you choose the parcel, the next step is to decide on the setup. Depending on the needs, you can determine if you need a carriage setup, TMR mixer, or tub grinder. The functionality will vary depending on the configuration of the skid steer hay spear. 

A universal mounting plate placed over the bale spears for the square bales with lower tine measures 32.4 inches. This setup helps to avoid any major accidents. With this, it also typically does not allow the tines to stick out on the other side of the bale. Usually, this kind of setup is a customer-based setup supporting the fulfilment of their needs. 

Some of the other features which we will like to mention here are,

  • It provides heavy-duty square box frames, which becomes beneficial for many.
  • A problem that may arise is with the angle of tilt. But with skid steer hay spear, it is negated.
  • It is modified to reach the expectation of the customers. You can easily compare its working with the heavily loaded tractor models. 
  • Single spike, double spike, triple spike, and triple spike with stabilizers are some of the types of bale spears available to purchase. 

We may see an exponential increase in the productivity of handling round and square bales, providing farmers and agricultural professionals with a versatile, reliable, durable, and efficient bale mover attached with your skid steer loader. The usage of the skid steer bale spear is on the rise!

Neha Malkani