What to Do in Dubai: My Guide to Dubai

You’re leaving soon but you don’t know what to do in Dubai? Don’t panic! You’ve come to the right place!
We are often asked the question on our travel blog and so we have prepared a full article on the subject.
You will discover all the activities not to be missed if you come to visit Dubai.
Dubai is the luxury destination to visit that makes you dream. Dubai came out of the sand in a few years and today it is one of the largest cities in the UAE. We were able to visit Dubai in 5 days and so we will be able to answer you by giving you the 12 activities not to be missed in Dubai. You will find in this article free activities, but also paid activities.

Things To Do In Dubai
Dubai does not have a rich past. But a stay in Dubai is above all to enjoy the many things to do: attractions, excursions,  if you are wondering what to do in Dubai, you will quickly understand that the real question to ask is rather how to choose the activities to be preferred in Dubai, so many possibilities; -) very often, it is the duration of the trip and/or the budget that limit the number of things that can be done.
Here are in a way the must-sees in Dubai, the most popular and popular activities in the city. In this first part of the ticket, I present to you the must-sees in Dubai. So, to start with a summary here’s what to do in Dubai:

Burj Khalifa: The must-see in the city
Burj Khalifa is the must-visit in Dubai! You can’t go on a city trip to Dubai without going to the top of the Burj Khalifa to admire the 360-degree panorama of Dubai! In clear weather, you can even see the desert that is at the exit of the city.

2 observation platforms are open to the public within the tower:

  • Burj Khalifa at the Top floor (124 / 125th Floor)
  • The Burj Khalifa floor at the Top Sky (124 / 125th Floor + 148th), VIP access with a higher floor and coffee/cakes

More than anywhere else, it is essential to book tickets for Burj Khalifa. The best slots leave fast. The best time slot is just before sunset to be able to see Dubai by day, night and watch the sunset from Burj Khalifa. These slots are a bit more expensive but it’s the best time to go to Burj Khalifa!
Finally, if your budget allows you, opt for At the Top Sky, it’s much more expensive but the experience is different. There are far fewer people and you can admire the view while enjoying tea, coffee and pastries or dates.

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Desert Tour from Dubai

The city of Dubai comes out of the desert. If you drive only a few kilometers, then there will be only sand around you.
Why not take the opportunity to go on a half-day safari to visit Dubai while enjoying a 4×4 tour in the dunes?
Sensations are guaranteed! The driver, of course, adapts his driving according to the passengers and their preferences.
During the desert safari, you can even learn sandboarding, surfing on the dunes! A real treat.
If you have one, you can also take a camel ride. In the evening you will be served a barbecue around a whirling dervish show. You can also smoke shisha and why not get a henna tattoo.
Check-out is possible daily from 15: 00 and returns to the hotel will be around 21: 00-22: 00.

Go to an Aquapark

If you are visiting Dubai with your family, spending half a day or a day in an Aquapark can be a great idea, especially for children.  The Aqua Park often comes back in the must-sees of Dubai or in the answers to what to do in Dubai. It must be said that it is nice to spend half a day in a water park, especially with the heavy heat that touches Dubai for a good part of the year.
There are several other water parks in Dubai. The Aquaventure is the most impressive and it is also the largest of Dubai’s two main waterparks. It is the one that will surely leave you with the best memories!

City parks

If you want to go jogging or walking, parks like Dubai Creek Park, Zabeel Park, Safa Park, or Al Mamzar Beach Park, are good choices. Excellent for picnicking and meeting people of all nationalities, these places are lively because very popular with visitors and locals.  
It’s also nice to stroll along the Jumeirah Beach Residence (area in which you can also book your accommodation) and Dubai Marina, with many cafes and restaurants to sit-in

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