The new standard for mobile experiences.

Chromebooks with OP processors run your favorite Android apps natively, deliver fast wireless connectivity, high performance and long battery life. All of this is enabled by the OP processor designed specifically for Chromebooks.

Run Android apps natively

Chromebooks with OP processors run your Android apps faster, smoother.

Faster WiFi for better browsing

Wait less, browse faster. Stream your favorite videos, play online games instantly.

Versatile USB Type C port

Fast file transfers, charging and support for external displays.

Hardware support for brilliant 4K

Chromebooks with OP processors support the latest video standards including 4K video.

Powerful battery lasts all day

Enjoy your Chromebook with an OP processor anywhere for a truly mobile experience.


Chromebooks with OP processors deliver everything you need and so much more. From multitasking at work to playing games to chatting with your friends, you’ll get the quality, performance and mobile experiences you expect.

Get more work done.

Access any of the Android productivity applications including Google Docs, Sheets and Slides and collaborate in real time to develop documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

  • Docs

    Create your documents anytime, anywhere and collaborate with your team at the same time.

  • Sheets

    Make data pop with colorful graphs; get insights instantly with automatic summaries and charts.

  • Slides

    Create, edit, collaborate and present your stories in an impactful visual way.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express

    Transform your photos for presentations, websites and social media into sharp, engaging images.

Play in a whole new way.

Chromebooks deliver fast wireless performance for listening to music, watching streaming video and viewing YouTube videos in crystal clear 4K. And you can play the same high-quality games available on all your smart devices and gaming consoles.


See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what's trending in gaming, entertainment, news and more.

Google Play Music

Now you can stream music from Google's free radio or listen to your own songs in your personal library all at no cost.

Asphalt 8

Test your driving skills playing the industry's leading racing game with the Chromebook and its built-in accelerometer.

Stay connected to family and friends.

With apps like Google Hangouts, Skype and Google Photos on Chromebooks with OP processors, you can share photos and videos, and hang out with friends and family online. And the long battery life means you're always connected.

Google Hangouts

Keep in touch with your friends and family with free video and voice calls, group chats, messaging and sharing of photos.

Google Photos

Create your own easy-to-access photo and video gallery that is organized, labeled and automatically backed up.


Slim. Sleek. Perfectly Engineered.

Samsung Chromebook Plus with the OP processor delivers the speed, power and performance you demand for your mobile world. Light and easy to carry, it is the perfect solution for home, work or entertainment wherever you are.


Better in every way.

  • Thin, sleek design that’s ready to go
  • High resolution 2400×1600; DPI 234 screen 
  • Custom energy-efficient processor
  • Integrated versatile USB Type C port
  • 360° rotating touch tablet or book