Workarounds to Fix Format error: not a PDF or Corrupted

Are you stuck in this situation and don’t know what to do? Well, then you came to the right place. As in this blog, I will explain the whole procedure – How to fix format error:, not a pdf or corrupted and I will also explain the different methods and reasons behind it.

PDF is used to transfer the documents in the organizations or among the users. Hence it is important to protect your PDF files so that your PDF files don’t get corrupted. Still many users are facing the PDF file error. Therefore, it is necessary to fix any type of error showing up and also store these files from any type of loss.

Causes for facing “Format Error: not a PDF or corrupted

In general, reasons behind facing the “Format Error: not a PDF or corrupted.” are written below –

 1. If you get damaged or broken PDF files because of the failure while downloading or transferring.

2. If you get damaged or the outdated version of Adobe PDF Reader.

3. If it gets a virus attack or if the user has carelessly handled practices of an Improper system, file, or program.

4. If your PDF file gets corrupted.

These are some reasons that lead to error and are very difficult to remove. For all these reasons, getting your file corrupted is the worst situation for your precious files.

Different Manual methods to Fix the “Format Error: not a PDF or corrupted”

The manual methods are free to use although there are only some tricks that can fix this error.

1.  Obtain a new file 

It is seen that sometimes you get the PDF file that displays an error in an email then there is a higher probability that something gets off while there are chances that something went wrong while decoding it. Therefore, it is advised that you should delete your file permanently from the system and then, download the fresh one. 

Or in another situation, if you have downloaded or transferred the PDF file from the other source where the probability of getting the whole process uncompleted is higher, that resulted in the broken file. Then again you have to delete the file permanently and then download it again.

2. Restore your Adobe Reader

This error may also indicate that the program you are using to open the PDF file, i.e., Adobe Reader is damaged. So, in this case, it is recommended to fix the Adobe reader first and then try to open the file again. You can restore or repair the program by following these steps:

● In Windows, tap on the Start button and see for the Control Panel and open it

● Then, find for the Adobe or Acrobat Reader.

● As soon as you find the location, Tap on the Help option.

● At last, tap on the Repair Program Installation option to fix it.

● As soon as the repair process is completed then, restart the system and open the file again.

If the error was because of the damaged Adobe Reader then, this process will fix the issue.

3. Reinstall the Adobe Acrobat Reader

It is seen that sometimes the version of the Adobe Reader is outdated. In that scenario, you should uninstall the program and then install the latest version. You can follow these steps:

● First, you can start by opening the Control Panel on your system and explore for the Adobe Reader.

● As soon as you find the location then, press a right tap on it and choose the Uninstall option.

● Once you uninstall then, you can restart the system.

● . As soon as the system is started then, you can install your latest edition of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

After operating these steps then, you can try to open the file again and check if it is working properly or you still encounter the error.

Alternative tool 

You can use the SysInfo PDF Recovery tool that will repair corrupted or damaged PDF files that are created in any version of Adobe Acrobat. It can operate high-level corruption from the PDF files easily and execute maximum recovery of the data from the corrupt PDF files. The software is compatible with all the major versions of the Adobe Acrobat tool and easily runs all the Windows-based operating systems.


Many users are suffering from the PDF File error that not only increases the probability of getting your data loss. In the article – How to fix format error:, not a pdf or corrupted, I have explained various methods both manual and alternative that will help in fixing the error. Users can use any of these methods while performing the whole process.

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