What Does an Identity Theft Attorney Do?


With the advancement in technology, the threat of identity theft has multiplied immensely. Now, we don’t have to worry about only a forged identity proof or a morphed signature, but the crime has become multifaceted. You could quickly be stripped of your hard-earned money with a single click or could easily be booked for someone else’s crime who used your identity as their own.

Fortunately, like every other domain, the prospects for identity theft defence attorneys have been increasing day by day. With their aid, you can restore your credit back and get compensated for the damage thus incurred. Such attorneys are well practiced with both the state as well as federal laws involving identity fraud crimes.

Understanding identity theft first

Identity theft, as defined by several identity theft attorneys Georgia, is the term given to the fraud involving the usage of someone’s identification proofs or identity in general for stealing and other crimes. In reality, however, the term is a misnomer, i.e. it is inherently impossible to take one’s identity and use it. The imposter usually morphs your sensitive personal data and documents validating your identity.

There are four major subdivisions of such theft. These four subdivisions play a significant role while choosing the right identity theft defense attorney as the nature of your case must meet the attorney’s field of expertise.

  • Financial Identity Theft: Crimes involving the unauthorized usage of another’s identity proofs for goods and services.
  • Criminal Identity Theft: This occurs when the imposter impersonates someone while apprehending for a crime.
  • Identity Cloning: Impersonating someone and assuming their identity in daily life or over social media platforms.
  • Business/Commercial Identity Theft: Using some commercial names or business resources for your personal credit building.

The role of identity theft attorney

As evident from the name and identity theft attorney is responsible for restoring its client’s tarnished name, credit, reputation, and press charges against the party accountable for the theft. They are the defendant’s legal aid throughout the lawsuit until a judgment is declared or a settlement is ensured.

If you too have your identity stolen contact a reasonable identity theft defense attorney as soon as possible so that you could:

  1. File an official police report
  2. Lodge a formal complaint to Federal Trade Commission
  3. To officially lock or freeze all your financial transactions and accounts associated with the hampered identity proof.
  4. Draft an official letter to the Credit Bureau for erasing all the fraudulent credit data and bogus information.
  5. Complete all the paperwork associated with financial institutions as well as private loan faculties.

Apart from all the official paperwork, there are some additional duties of an identity theft attorney. Here are some of them explained:

  1. Legal Representation During the Trials
    Your attorney, as mentioned by a reputed identity theft attorney Georgia is your mouthpiece during the court battle. Most of the defendants are unaware of the proceeding of the court and legalities involved; hence, having an expert in such cases eases up your tension while facing the session. Legal representatives always have a better chance of a favorable judgment over an amateur self-defendant.
  2. Accompanying the Client While Interrogations
    An identity theft case involves several testimonials, verifications, and a never-ending string of interrogations. That’s where your legal aid plays its most important role. Defendants must always have their identity theft attorneys with them during the proceedings. This is because normal ears could miss a minute detail while these attorneys are trained to monitor every single information regarding the case.
  3. Extensive Research
    The most important duty of your legal representative is to do thorough research over all the possible outcomes of your case. It is usually seen that out of the court settlements are preferred in case of minor frauds, but the defendant alone could never reach an agreement. Through extensive research and lawful tactics, an attorney is capable of changing the course of your case.
  4. Demand a Compensation
    Identity theft defense attorneys know all the remedies and compensations for identity theft damage. Not all defendants are aware that state law provides compensations for financial, emotional, punitive as well as injunctive damages. Hence, having the attorney by your side would ensure easy access to all the remedies issued by the government, state, and federal laws.


A legal battle is an ugly spat involving a great deal of emotional as well as financial stress. Choosing the right attorney could alleviate both to an extent and provide you with justice. However, the major battle is between you and your mind. Don’t let the anxiety and stress prevent you from taking immediate action. Seek urgent legal help in the form of an identity theft attorney for restoring and protecting your identity.

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