Top 13 Brands of Men’s Watches

Top 10 brands of men’s watches

A wristwatch is one that adds up a lot to a man’s personality and his attitude. A watch adds perfection to your outfit and adds up shine to a person’s character and make then stand different from the crowd. To develop your look more respectable and stylish, you should choose the perfect watch. But, in today’s competitive time, it has been not an easy job to select the appropriate watch that suits your personality. Because there are various brands of men’s watches that provide you with luxurious watches for men in the Indian market, which will suit your personality.

So, choosing the perfect watch is quite essential. So, in this post, we will be going to share Top 10 brands of men’s watches which you will love buy -:

1. IWC Schaffhausen

This company was established in 1868 and considered as popular brands of men’s watches. This brand is specialized in manufacturing premium luxury watches. IWC Schaffhausen watches are made with advanced engineering, and their watches are unique due to their superior material and exceptional shape. 

2. Rolex

Rolex, this brand is especially known for its luxury watches. This brand is famous throughout the world and quite popular in every culture. Prized for its outstanding quality everybody has the desire to purchase this watch. Rolex is the brand that is featured on the Forbes list as the best brands of men’s watches. And all this is possible due to its elegant and classic designs. 

3. Cartier

Cartier is undoubtedly a popular brand of men’s watches, especially between celebrities. This brand of watch is considered as one of the most iconic watches internationally. This brand was established in 1847 in Paris France, and since that time watches of this brand come up with has the brand’s renowned watches speak for themselves, because of its ostentatious design and classic features. Presented through its roman numerals and its high-end materials add up richness in this luxury watch.

4. Breitling

This brand was established in 1884 and considered in the list of men’s watches brands because of its excellent durability and precision designs. Watches of these brands are especially inspired by aeronautics because it consists of the various features which are specially used by fighter pilots. Watches of this brand are designed in this way they are also loved by the drivers because of its flexibility and innovation in manufacturing.

5. Bremont

This is another brand that is inspired by aeronautical engineering. This brand was established in 2002 in Britain and since then it has placed its foot throughout the world. This is all due to its inspiration design which makes it’s quite famous. All watches of this brand are focused on the aviation theme and mechanically focused, which makes popular brands of men’s watches. 

6. Louis Moinet

The inventor of this brand Louis Moinet was not only a manufacturer of the watches but also a sculptor, painter, and horologist. This luxury watch brand is situated in Switzerland. Watches of this brand are famous for its innovative technology and exotic materials, which makes its perfect brands of men’s watches.

7. Baume et Mercier

Baume et Mercier’s brand is in the list of men’s watches brands, especially for those who love to purchase the luxury watch but without spending too much. This brand is designing, creating and selling its outstanding watches from the last two centuries. In today’s time also this brand continues to design and create luxurious watches with outstanding quality and the perfect options for mid-range prices.

8. Corum Watches

Montres Corum Sàrl usually called Corum is another best brands of men’s watches because of providing its reliable mechanics and bold designs. Watches of this brand range from sensational mid-range designs to marvelous limited edition styles. Corum is the brand that is loved by those gents who love to collect a wide range of watches.

9. Glashütte Original

When we talk about Switzerland it automatically strikes into mind the country which is known for luxurious watches. Another is Germany which is known for building impeccable wristwatches. And this brand Glashütte Original is situated in both these countries that is why this is in the list of men’s watches brands because of its precise craftsmanship. Glashütte Original is made its product by combining traditional methods with advanced technology.

10. Montblanc

Montblanc is usually known for its popular fountain pens, but it also builds outstanding luxurious watches which makes it popular brands of men’s watches. Elegantly designed by hands, this brand’s watches are quite beautiful and stylish. As this brand offers a wide range of classical wristwatches, but also expertise in providing a good range of collection of latest smartwatches. 

11. Arnold & Son

Arnold & Son is another luxurious brand of men’s watches. This brand provides its watches with the latest technology and elegant designs. Watches of this brand are famous for its exotic materials which make its popular brands of men’s watches.

12. Tudor Watch

Tudor is considered as a subsidiary brand of Rolex which provides excellent brands of men’s watches. Tudor is known for providing mid-range luxurious watches because of this, and it is in the list of men’s watches brands. Tudor is loved by those gents who love to wear a high-quality construction and elegant design watches without considering any price tag. This brand watch is quite stylish, arrogant and smart, which will surely suit your personality.

13. Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin was the brand established in 1846, and since then it is considered as famous brands of men’s watches due to luxuriously designed watches. This brand of watches is very popular throughout the world and known for building watches with stunning material and advanced manufacturing techniques. This outstanding quality makes Ulysse Nardin as the best brands of men’s watches.

Wrapping Up!

So here we come to this article, and we have provided a list of Top 10 brands of men’s watches. Now it totally depends upon you which brand is loved by you. But before you purchase from the list of men’s watches brands be sure about the budget. And choose that watch brand that perfectly suits your personality. We are sure that all will love to shop from these best brands of men’s watches and you all shopping needs will come to an end here. 

Nancy Kapoor

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