Tips to Design Bespoke Landing Pages That Converts

Landing pages play a very crucial role in creating your online business a success. Whenever you design your website you must continuously have only one question in your mind that what is the role of your website and what all is it offering to the world. Is your web site adequate to serve your potential customers well? Is your web site line your guests and guests well?

Typically every business websites have their-own conversion goals. Whether you are dealing with purchasing products, filling a form, or signing up for any webinar the first step for the completion is landing page. Your landing page is your first page that your visitor encounters on your website.

There might be various reasons for your website’s failure but landing pages is one amongst them. If your landing pages are not clear and are not providing your users with sufficient information then you need to work on them. So how are you going to accelerate on your conversion rates and what all have you planned to gain on your desired revenue?

You can always discuss this with your web designer and if he/she is not experienced enough to suggest you right with your landing pages then here are 12 different things that you can modify with your landing page to make your website more effective and fruitful.

Let’s have a look at the things that you can change:

1. Headings Along With Sub Headings

When visitors visit your website the first thing that attracts them is the headings and the subheadings on your page. If they find that your headings and subheadings are not attractive or they are not very catchy they might not read further and will move on to the other website. This is very clear that your visitor only spends two to three seconds in analyzing your website and if they did not find it up to the mark they won’t give you a look ever. You have to write your headings and subheadings in such a way that they get convinced to read what you have written inside.

2. Work on your Call To Action

When it comes about the conversion rate of your business, two elements are very important. The first one is generating website and the next one getting traffic for converting your visitors into your customers. You might have millions of visitors that are coming to your website, but if your website is unable to convert them into your customers, you won’t get anything. Call-To-Action buttons are highly effective and have been considered as a proven method for converting your traffic into your permanent customer. Your other efforts won’t be noticed as such, but they are not very much attractive or visible as compared to your Call-To-Action button. This particular button should be designed and framed in such a way that it makes a visitor click on it immediately.

3. Flaunt your Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are something that is written for your services by your readers and your customers. So if your readers write for you, post it on your website. This will make your readers and visitors realize that you cater really well and people like your services. It is always good to tell people about your goodness because if they don’t know you they won’t visit you.

4. Place Above Page Fold

The place available above the fold is your key to get your conversion goals. It is one of the most important places for placing your effective visual contents above the fold. This is actually a place where a visitor can give a glance of your content while landing on to your page. When you are designing a landing page it should be designed in such a way that visitors do not get a single excuse to leave your website. According to one analysis, visitors spend an average of 8 seconds on your website. So when you design a landing page, do not forget to think about using billboards. You can also take this as you get to read-only a few moments on the road while travelling, so you have to highlight the best part that could reach to your audience.

5. Description Of Your Website

When you want your landing page to work for you then provide your readers with all the vital elements that you think are enough for your visitors and will make them aware about your products and services more clearly. The content available on your landing page should be self-explanatory and self navigational. You should always bear this in mind that you have very few seconds to convincing your visitors. If the content on your landing page is not explaining your readers well and they are puzzling your readers then surely you are losing on your visitors. So the content on your landing page should express everything clearly and should gain the targeted revenue.

6. Trusted Proofs

When you see that people have started trusting you then give them some proofs of your work and show them that you actually perform the way you promise. This will strengthen your customer’s confidence in your services. To make sure that you are a trustworthy firm, add a batch of security, case studies, ratings, and other trusted elements in your landing page. This will really boost up your conversion rates.

7. Always be Straight Forward

When you are designing your landing page make sure that you are talking straight forward to your visitors. Don’t make your page confusing. Only your landing page decides whether visitors will remain stick or not. If you are providing the information which is leading them nowhere they won’t stay there for long and will not come to your website ever.

8. Use Of Contrasting Colors Will Make A Difference

While using colours on your website always use some contrasting colour combination that should look attractive and eye catchy. Please do not use dull colors. If you want to use light colours then make sure they are elegant and are making your website look royal. Everything should be visible and should be beautifully designed.

9. Always Keep Perfect Formatting

Formatting is the most important part of your landing page. This is considered as the most important part and will always help you in designing a wonderful and attractive landing page. Clearly organizing your images, copy, forms, headlines, subheadings etc will always help you in highlighting the value of your brand and your business.

10. A Social Proof Is Important

When you are providing your users with your products and services it would be good to link your landing pages with your social media pages as a proof that yes you actually exist. People follow you, people are using your services for their work. This will make your visitors built a strong faith in you and they will come to buy your products.

11. Using Video And Images Could Be A Bonus

If you want to hold your visitor’s attention then placing videos and images on your landing pages will help you in the long run. The analysis shows that more than 90% of the information is transferred to the brain is through images, visuals and videos. One more study has shown that 40% of people will always respond to visual information rather than plain text. So, using the right images and videos that can explain your products and services easily will work for you. This will increase your conversion rates and will help you in earning reasonable revenue.

12. Look For Your Brand

Always make your brand look on the top. Keeping your brand name on the top make sure that your visitors are on the right page. All your landing pages need to have a logo. This will help your visitors especially the visitors who will come to you through non branded sources like social media and other related searches. These are some amazing points to keep in mind if you really want to build a strong online presence. Your landing pages are your first impression for your visitors. The first impression should always be the best.

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