Top Putlocker Alternatives

Top Putlocker Alternatives

In today’s time, there are many web series and movies available to watch in free time. But, some problems with watching movies from many of the movie streaming sites are that they are not free. So one needs a source from where the individual can watch the web series and movies.

Many of the people are aware of the putlockers. If not, then here you go.

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker hosts various files and is best for movie streaming free sites. Putlocker was initiated in the UK in the year 2011. The putlocker began receiving 1.6 million visitors after the shutdown of the Megaupload. Putlockers have been ranked in the top 150 movie streaming sites. Putlockers have caught the eye of the youth after the origin and the shutdown of Megaupload. Movie streaming from the putlockers make it easy and compatible with the devices to load the shows.

Should you use Putlocker?

Using the putlockers website is considered to be safe, but for more safety purposes, one has to use a strong VPN and enter the website of the putlockers.

This is necessary because many of the tv shows and movies have been shared illegally. After all, the putlockers is a movie streaming free site. It provides various movies and shows from the websites which would ask for the membership to watch the shows.

Now talking about putlockers, it is a website that provides various web series TV shows and provides movie streaming. There are various other movie streaming sites, but the putlocker is considered to be good as compared to others. You can explore the below-mentioned streaming sites online on the budget 10-inch tablet under $100 and enjoy watching your favourite movies and TV shows on a bigger screen.

But it has a major drawback that the putlockers have been banned and shut down in various countries, due to the illegal sharing of the movie, shows, and series.

So in that condition, various putlocker alternatives can be used as movie streaming free sites in case the putlocker has been banned in your country or region. These putlocker alternatives are the same as the putlocker to some extent; they also provide the same movie streaming and shows which the putlocker provides.

So let’s have a look at the putlockers alternatives:

Top 10 alternatives of putlockers.

  1. 123movies 


    This is a good putlocker alternative. It is the biggest movie and shows streaming of any site on this list, 123Movies is the best site to find the shows and the movies.
    This site is easy to use, and registration for this site is not required, and the interference is not more.
  2. Popcornflix

    Top Putlocker Alternatives

    The other good putlocker alternative is popcornflix. Popcornflix is the best library to find out the movies which many of the other sites do not provide as well. This popcornflix is rated by many people as the best alternative for putlockers.
    This gives various varieties for watching the movies, but a drawback it has is that it does not contain the TV shows and the TV series.
  3. SolarMovie 

    Top Putlocker Alternatives1

    This is the site of which many of the people are unknown. This is a new site and also a good site for movie streaming, and it provides the users to watch Tv shows too.
    This solar movie is famous for some people because of its organization and the speed of searching the movies and TV shows.
    You can filter the shows and see the movies which are rated the highest to the lowest. 
  4. YesMovies

    Top Putlocker Alternatives1

    It is a great option for all those who are looking for a putlocker alternative to watch movies or TV shows online in HD. 
    You can watch a huge collection of movies without any kind of login or downloading. There are several options of filters that will help you in locating your film through IMDB, nation, and type. There are no popups on this website, while there are only some advertisements coming in between. You won’t have to face the issue of getting diverted towards different sites when you click on the Play button.
  5. Cmovies HD

    Top Putlocker Alternatives1

    If you are looking for a Putlocker alternative that is filled with features, then Cmovies HD is the perfect site. The best thing about this website is that the interface is very user-friendly as well as efficient and perfect like the premium movie streaming sites. 
    This website is a great one similar to SolarMovie. Whenever you are looking for a Putlocker alternative, you will find several options on the internet. This is a perfect one because there are no pop-ups that can ruin your fun of watching the film. 


These are some of the putlocker alternatives that you can always rely on when the putlocker is shut down. You can also explore several movies on the above-mentioned websites. If you are willing to spend some money, then you can definitely purchase Netflix, but if you do not want to spend money, then you can surely have a look at putlocker as well as putlocker alternatives.

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