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Prevention of Diseases Begins in Childhood

It is rightly said that prevention of diseases begins in childhood. Health problems and diseases can happen at any age of a person but the prevention of many of these diseases begins during childhood. Research states that the seeds of diseases are sown in childhood. The problems worsen as a person grows. A sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate nutrition, lack of physical activity, smoking and alcohol at a young age are the habits that can trigger the disease in later stages. Now that nutrition and healthy living are developing you can expect a better standard of living and also a better approach to cure diseases by consulting a nutritionist or a dietician for guidelines in healthy and holistic health at any age group.

Many types of research from all over the world state that if parents inculcate healthy habits of eating from childhood by avoiding fast and junk foods to children, the children would not accept these foods even in later stages of their life. The child gets adapted to a certain style of eating and behavioural changes from childhood, so as parents if you keep a wholesome and healthy eating behaviour of children, they will follow the same pattern for their lifetime. 

As per the best nutritionist in Mumbai, a balanced diet is important for every individual to be it teenagers, adults or children. It is important for children and teenagers for proper growth and development. The major problems that start from childhood are heart diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis etc. A balanced diet will keep your heart healthy, your blood pressure normal, your sugar levels at normal, your bones healthy, basically overall health will be maintained in the best possible way. Your portion needs to be managed that’s how you will know that you are eating right or not. A nutritionist or a dietitian will be able to advise you how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat. 

Teaching children on personal hygiene will also be a great way to avoid so many diseases. Nowadays, infections can spread through any means and you need to avoid it by maintaining cleanliness and by being hygiene. For instance, washing hands before you eat will keep most of your infections away. Most diseases can be spread through food and unclean eating and as children, the immune system is not very strong to prevent all the diseases. These infections may continue for a very long term which is harmful.

Physical activity is another aspect through which we can solve the problem. Though childhood obesity is one of the leading causes for the development of diseases in the later stages of your life. In today’s world, due to development of technology and video games, children are mostly engrossed in phones and laptops from a very young age. There is no physical activity of going out in the park or street to play. This makes them have a sedentary lifestyle from a young age and not engage in physical activity making them obese. Obesity in people has shown to develop the majority of diseases in later stages of their life like diabetes, CVD, high or low blood pressure etc. Physical activity not only improves the mood of a person but also helps in keeping your body active and healthy. 

The appropriate serving size of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish and sodium helps in maintaining cardiovascular health later in adulthood. This is how the nutrition part of health comes into the picture and helps in prevention of diseases beginning in childhood. Another research conducted where nutritional counselling was given to a set of people and the other set of people were not provided with any nutritional counselling. After the term of research, it showed that children who underwent nutritional counselling had a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases than the group who did not receive nutritional counselling. 

A nutritionist will rightly advise you how to follow a diet which will not only limit the risk of diseases but also give you a healthier lifestyle. Nutritional advise is not only important for adults or people with medical conditions it is also important for children because of the growing trend of fast foods and junk foods availability and cheaper cost. As per the best nutritionist in Delhi, a planned personalized diet will give you the appropriate way to go about a diet and control your portion sizes with the right kinds of food that you should be eating in order to avoid the risks of any sort of infections or medical conditions that may fall you in later stages of life during your adulthood and also will have an approach to improve your immune system in the long run which will make you more resistant to even the common illnesses such as common cold, fever etc.

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