How Patent Differs from Marka Patent?

Marka and Patent are different types of intellectual property that differs from one another. The word ‘brand’ stands for ‘marka’ in Turkish. The word ‘intellectual property’ means unique ideas having potential values, like inventions and register the inventors of these ideas. If you’ve intellectual property, you possess the right to manufacture or license an innovation, apply for trademarks on your published copies, packaging or commercial goods. A person or business can license intellectual property from the inventor without direct owning of marka patent.  

There are three different types of intellectual property at present, which are patent, marka (brand) and copyright. And all these intellectual properties are confused with one another. A patent helps to protect the product, while trademarks support the marka or images of that product. This following piece will discuss patents and how it differs from marka.

What’s Patent?

The direct objective of patents is to encourage innovation and commercialization of advanced technologies. The patent law motivates inventors to publicly reveal their unique ideas for certain rights. A patent offers protection to inventions. These inventions involve useful and new processes, manufactures, machines, compositions of matter and improvement. However, some computer programming might be protected by both patent and copyright. In such circumstances, the patent system detail copyright protection from the structure of the software but isn’t copyright protected.

The process to apply for a patent is complex, expensive and time consuming that requires the assistance of an expert patent attorney. Also, the patent is usually acknowledged by the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office).

What’s Marka?

A marka patent is a product, concept or service that can be publicly eminent from others so that it can be easily marketed. A brand name refers to the ‘name’ of the classifiable service, product or concept. The process to create and make the brand name popular is known as branding.

The term “trademark” is frequently used to refer to both service marks and trademarks. An individual doesn’t need registration of trademarks to protect rights, but there are legal profits to register the marks.

What is Patent Protection?

If trademarks protect the marka and images of companies, then the patent offers protection to products. A patent proves that innovation was an inventor’s new concept or ideas. A patent doesn’t only apply to the finished products, they even apply to processes. In fact, legal proceedings said that anything can be patented as the owner demands for its protection. This involves everything from software to business processes.

Types of Patents
The following are three kinds of patents as follows-

  1. Utility Patent: This legal protection is permitted to the non-obvious and original invention for machines, processes, manufacturers, substances composition or changes in previous inventions.
  2. Design Patent: It is offered to original and new ornamental designs of any manufactured products. The look of the object seeks protection instead of its purpose.  
  3. Plant Patent: This provides protection for the discovery of asexually reproducible plants, which are categorized as useful and have medicinal values.

What is Trademark Protection?

A trademark is used by businesses to protect any design, specific words or symbols that are entitled to the company. There are many companies which trademark their products, brand name, and logos to prevent confusion among potential buyers. Also, companies have detailed rules for how to use trademarks, like its color and size and what products are related to their sales. If you aren’t following those rules, the original owner can take legal actions and limit other companies from using that same marks. A trademark can also be applied to sounds and other media if businesses prove that’s an important part of its marka.

Importance of Patent and Trademark Protection

A trademark and patent usually prove ownership of an innovator’s unique ideas or concept. The legal term for marka patent is “intellectual property”, which is considered to be valuable. These involve products and services sold to millions of consumers or marka names that could encourage individuals to buy the product or hire the service. However, someone else can even make income off your concept if there isn’t any protection.

A patent doesn’t have any specific symbol but is protected by paperwork that’s valid for 20-years. Also, there are short-term patents for certain processes and products.  

Benefits of Applying for Patent Protection

A patent prevents competitors from copying or stealing your ideas and initiating them as the original. The procedure to apply for a patent can be complex and time-consuming for any business or individual. The process can even be challenging rather than other intellectual property applications. To apply for patent protection for your product or service, you can expect-

  • Evident costs in application fees
  • A multiple-year process to confirm that you invented any new ideas or concept  
  • Answering several rounds of questions from the higher authorities

Benefits of Applying for Trademark Protection

A trademark protects the original symbols used by companies, but they are more significant than you might consider. It even covers the company’s branding or brand name and goodwill of that firm. However, trademarks don’t cover any specific product of that company. A trademark not only offers protection to business owners but also protects consumers. It allows the consumers to know where the product originated from and details about the investor.

If you own trademarks, you must stay alert to protect it for 20-years. This indicates issuing a cease notice if you find someone using your brand name or go to court if they don’t stop. This will prevent competitors from stealing your brand value and earning profit. In case your company invented new products, logo, brand or process, you can update to ensure that your patent or marka is protected.

Therefore, intellectual property law procedures can be complex, which requires legal support. In order to copyright, patent or marka your original invention or discovery, you’re suggested to connect with patent agents for legal guidelines. Also, the above-mentioned differences between marka and patent are quite informative for reading.

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