Fan – The Admirer

Fan - The Admirer

There are different meanings of a fan which you are known to or you might have seen in the dictionary, but the fan which I am talking is about a person who is an admirer of another person, he may be a sports person, an actor, musician, singer or a politician, etc.

Now let us first understand how a real fan becomes a fan of another person. Every person has a set of good qualities within him, his strengths. These strengths or qualities within him attracts towards different activities, or events happening around the world, maybe live shows, internet, YouTube or different mediums through which he can access to view such events. The story of choosing the fan does not end here, the person then filters the events according to his choice, watch them in different areas, and understand the consistency, behaviour of a person in the events, analyze and see if it fits in the quality of a person whom he would like to admire and finally makes a decision of becoming his fan. Then once he has made up his mind of becoming his fan, he starts collecting things of that person, like posters, joining the fan group, like the fan pages and keeps following them. Since it is hard to fit in all the good qualities within one person, a real fan admires multiple selective persons. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are now the fastest social media sites, which are easily accessible for any fan and watch the videos of his or her and like them, this way fan base is growing at a very faster pace.

There are person’s who are fans of another person based on the thinking of other persons, like a person may become a fan of some person, because his or her friends like him, or his or her parents may like him or his or her boyfriend or girlfriend may like him, etc…
Such fans are called fake fans and admire all of types persons no matter whatever there liking is. They just follow the fan base for the show-off and like all the fan pages on social media sites, irrespective of whether the fan page is real or fake.

According to me the percentage of fake fans is more compared to the real fans

I will be now explaining two types of fans,
Fans of a person who is a celebrity
Fans of a person who is not a celebrity

Fans of a person who is a celebrity; According to me a fan do admire any celebrity but not all of his qualities, for example,

Fans admire a sports celebrity only because he may be doing good bowling, or good batting or good fielding or good captaincy, or because of his good attitude and that is the reason you see all the different sports celebrities have different set of fans base, considering here in the context of cricket, In the same way, this applies to all types of sports around the world.

Fans admire any celebrity actor because of his acting or maybe because of his looks. In acting also there do different categories, romantic, serious, critics, family-based or maybe because of nation loving roles in movies. This applies to all such actors around the world. The celebrity actor selection by a fan may also depend on the location, race, religion, caste, etc…

Fans admire singers because of the quality of signing, good voice, the depth of the emotions while signing or may because of the use of pitch during the signing. The choice of the fan may be a male singer or a female singer, the singer may be singing for movies, or concerts or spiritual base platforms, or who sings for charity. Here also fan selection of a celebrity singer depends on location, language, popularity. Musician and singers go hand in hand, hence fans consider them as evergreen and all-time celebrities compared to any other celebrities in the world.

Politicians fan base is a very unique compared to all other fans explained above, according to me, here most of the fans are created, which is managed by a political party leaders, where they first create a group of fan base and then those fans create another fan group and so on, here the fans are sometimes forcefully called upon to support the politician, I believe this is the only fan base which mostly runs on money and power. Exceptional politicians have a different fan base which is quite similar to other fan base explained above.

Fans of a person who is not a celebrity; Such fans are more emotional, they believe in honesty, discipline, value culture, kind and care for the people whom they admire, they are altogether a different fan base and they all run in the same direction, for example, a child is a fan of his parents, or his teachers or his friends, Friend is a fan of another friend. Here, in this case, the fan base is not created, it’s understood by people and they are willing to join the fan base upon his will or wish. This fan base has very less support from other people, like sponsors, advertisers, social media, etc…

Suggestions for all types of fans; Be good fans, like them, learn from them if anything worth, but don’t stress yourself mentally and physically and ruin your own life, family and loved ones and I always encourage to follow the real fan pages, rather than the fake ones.

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